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About us

What we do

WAP is your chance to win state of the art properties for the price of a raffle ticket. We believe that each 'House of WAP' should be more exciting than just bricks and mortar, it should be the home you have always dreamt of! Our passion to deliver at this level is leading us to collaborate with the brightest minds in architecture, design and development. Entering is easy. Simply sign-up and play our game of skill, 'spot the ball', and you could be living in your very own 'House of WAP'.”

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Watch our short explainer video for an introduction to the house of WAP.

Meet the Team

Kyle Jordan | Founder

Kyle is the driving force behind WAP. Utilising over 10 years’ worth of knowledge in sports management, sponsorship, business development and brand marketing, Kyle has built a network of trusted advisors to ensure the ongoing success of WAP.

Eddie Jordan OBE | Advisor

Celebrated businessman, founder, investor and advisor. ‘EJ’ is most famous for Jordan Grand Prix - EJ- brings his extensive knowledge and experience in property, technology and marketing to WAP.

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